A play work, “I’m Not Chaplin” has won the 1st place in the 35th Busan Theater Festival – music composer [JENNA]



Having about a week left until the end of The 35th Busan Theater Festival, the winner of the play work (theater) competition is been announced. There were total of 7 play works performed to be competed in this festival, and there were over 100 participants. Out of 7 play works, “I’m Not Chaplin” has won the 1st place in the competition. The play, “I’m Not Chaplin” is in genre of comedy, motivated by original Chaplin stories.


An Australian composer, JENNA (Jenna Kim) participated in this play as a theater music composer, and composed a full-orchestration music. In terms of music used in this play, the most significant thing was that the music used are very contrasting with the scenes to emphasize the concept of comedy. For example, bright music is played even in the scene of war, which allowed more attention to the overall play work.


Starting from this play work, JENNA will be continuing working with the theatrical projects as a music composer.





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