JENNA performs at 2016 Wanna Fly 6 – Happy Music Concert @Hongdae, Seoul, Korea

On 15th December 2016, an Australian (born in Korea) female singer-songwriter JENNA (Jenna Kim) performed her own composition at 2016 Wanna Fly 6 – Happy Music Concert.


The concert was held at “Stay-Round-Gee” located in Hongdae, Seoul which is well-known as the most famous place for musicians and performing arts in Korea. “Wanna Fly” is an annual concert supported by the FKMP (Foundation of Korean Music Performers). Refer to the main theme of the concert given by FKMP, which is “Happiness”, JENNA wrote a duet love song titled, ‘따뜻한 겨울(The Warmest Winter)’. She has newly wrote the song for this concert, and  she came up with the concept of #Winter #Love and #Happiness. The male vocalist who participated in this song is “Seung-pyo Lee” who is also a singer-songwriter based in Korea. JENNA has mentioned that this concert was very meaningful that she could collaborate with the cellist, “Jiyun Lee” who is an old friend of JENNA since the age of 6. Taking this as an opportunity, JENNA has confirmed that she is going to collaborate with Jiyun even more frequent  in the future.

This concert could have come into the spotlight as the main MC was Hyungwon Shin – a famous 80s Korean Folk Singer who is well-known for her song called “A Firefly 개똥벌레”. Other participants of JENNA’s performance at 2016 Wanna Fly 6 – Happy Music Concert are; Seunghyun Kwak (Bass), Minwoo Kim (Drum), Jinyoung (Keyboard1;piano), Hyeri Jang (Keyboard2; Pad), and Seoyeon Kim (Violin).


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